Plock 2 – Parking locks by ZKTeco

Bidding adieu to your all parking worries, Plock 2 is the second iteration of parking locks by ZKTeco. Keeping all the features of Plock 1, Plock 2 is an advanced version of Plock 1 that comes with a new auto-sensing feature that is indeed remarkable


By installing a sensor in a cigarette lighter outlet, the user may easily manage their parking spot


As wonderful as Plock 2 is, it is more suited for parking than regular parking locks because it doesn’t require manual activation

stuebilex uae parking management

This private parking manager is capable of adjusting itself to different situations and is quite versatile


Why you should buy
Plock 2 parking lock by ZKTeco


  • Auto-sensing
  • Handsfree control
  • Low battery prompts
  • Long-distance remote control
  • 180°anti-collision with a built-in alarm system
  • Low-noise environmental protection
  • IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof
  • 2-3T high-pressure resistance
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zketco Plock 2 - parking locks

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