TiSO M50 High-Security Fixed/Removable Bollards RB343-68

The TiSO M50 High-Security fixed/removable bollards are created to give the highest level of anti-ramming protection and to bar unauthorized vehicles from entering protected zones.


Tiso Brand

Pedestrian-friendly and meet the standards for anti-ramming protection


Meet the standards for anti-ramming protection


Ease of installation and lack of need for service maintenance


Crash-tested according to ASTM International and IWA 14


What is M50 by TiSO?

Unauthorized vehicle access can be effectively blocked by TiSO M50 high-security fixed and detachable bollards. The two key characteristics that should be stated are ease of installation and lack of need for service maintenance. TiSO high-security bollards are pedestrian friendly and meet the standards for anti-ramming protection. When open access is essential, its mobility is also a major benefit. TiSO high security fixed/removable bollards are an appropriate option for your perimeter thanks to advanced technology and years of production experience.

Download Tiso M50 Fixed/Removable Data Sheet

Where can you apply M50 by Tiso?

  • Commercial locations
  • Financial institutions 
  • Airport premises 
  • Business (Office) centres 
  • Hotels
  • Sport complexes 
  • Recreation places 
  • Military bases 
  • Nuclear power plants 
  • Production sites (industrial plants)
  • Urban regions 
  • Educational institutions, and others.

Interested in TiSO’s M50 High-security fixed/removable bollards?

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