Tansa Single/Double/Multiple Turnstile Systems for Counting and Restricting People

Tansa’s single, double and multiple Turnstile counting systems ensure that only permitted and limited number of people pass in an entrance/exit at a time. The systems come in standalone counters and networked counters for multiple turnstiles.

Key Features

  • The system allows to preset the number of people allowed to go through
  • Counters have a guiding information screen

The counters make sure a predetermined number of people are permitted in public without the need for any access control system. The system has sensors to count every person passing to prevent additional users by locking the turnstile’s manual turning system. The system allows to preset the number of people allowed to go through. For Example: If it is not allowed for more than 20 people in an office the turnstile will automatically block the 21st person. The counters have a guiding information screen, to let the entrants know the number of people present inside. The standalone system is ideal for markets, public school premises etc.

The turnstile counting system for multiple entry points ensures that the number of people inside remains within the specified limits. The counters on multiple multiple turnstiles can be controlled through central software on the network, and it is ideal for Shopping malls, markets with multiple
points of entry.

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