PERCo TTD-08А Box Tripod Turnstile (Bi-directional passage, 30persons/minute, IP54 protection)

A part of PERCo’s box tripod turnstile range suitable for outdoor use, TTD-08A is designed in modern style and turnstile provides secure individualisation for banks, administrative buildings, business centres and other sites. The stainless steel housing of TTD-08A is all-weather protected and operates at -20°C to + 45°С environment.

Key Features

  • Suitable concealed mounting of card readers
  • The turnstile can be integrated intrusion detection
  • 30 person/minute throughput

The TTD-08A tripod turnstile’s housing comes with a radio transparent top cover with the concealed mounting of proximity card readers and LED indicators on the front panel. Turnstile has a comfortable passage zone width (560 mm) and anti-panic barrier arms for free passage in case of emergencies. The tripod turnstile can also be integrated with the fire alarm signal. The turnstile comes with an in-built control board that can be configured with an intrusion detector.

It is recommended to install one turnstile per 500 people working the same shift. The turnstile can manage up to 30 people per minute. It can be attached to the railings designed especially for them. The TTD-08A is highly reliable with a Mean lifetime of 8 years and Mean time to failure being 4 000 000 passages. You can order PERCo turnstiles in the middle east from Stebilex Systems. We are a leading supplier of access control solutions in the middle east with local offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar.

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