Paxton Net 2 Magstripe Cards

Paxton is a UK based market leader in cost-efficient high-grade access control systems and secures around 25000 buildings with its products. Paxton proximity tokens and magstripe cards for use with the Net2 system. Paxton Net 2 Magstripe Cards are highly efficient access control tokens from Paxton.

Paxton Net 2 Magstripe Cards are supplied in card envelopes. To issue an access control token the user’s details are entered using the PC software. The token number is then entered by presenting the token to the desktop reader. The Paxton Net 2 Magstripe Cards are also easy to program and once programmed into the software the token is ready for use. Simply present the card to a reader, the access permissions will be instantly looked up and access granted or denied as appropriate. Paxton access control tokens use Hitag2 technology with a proprietary encoding which includes an authentication protocol in the form of a password exchange between the card and the reader. This provides an additional layer of security for your system.

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