LenelS2 LNL 3300 Controller

The LNL 3300 Intelligent System Controller (ISC) by LenelS2 (previously Lenel) is designed for advanced access control application and provides power and flexibility.

  • Provides up to 8 times higher throughput than serial-to-Ethernet converters
  • 15 MB of available on-board, non-volatile flash memory
  • Supports up to 16 different formats (8 card formats and 8 asset formats)
  • Up to 32,000 access permissions and elevator control support for 128 floors

With options to scale the LNL 3300 communicates with host computers in various configurations – over Ethernet, dial-up or direct connect. The LNL-3300 can store up to 500,000 cardholders in non-volatile flash memory, and supports selective download for larger cardholder databases. The controller offers improved access control with multiple combinations of input Control Modules, Output Control Modules and Card Reader Interface Modules (up to 64 devices). Utilizing the native Ethernet communications and an advanced 32- bit processor, the LNL-3300 can communicate with the host computer computer up to 8 times greater than the fastest serial connections, while secondary port can communicate at up to 115.2 Kbps using 2-wire RS-485 multidrop, dialup, or an Ethernet daughterboard connection.

The controller can be connected to many combinations of LNL-1100, LNL-1200, LNL-1300, LNL-1320, LNL-500B, and LNL-500W modules. The controller supports up to 16 different formats including cards and biometric recognition systems. A part of Lenel Access Series controllers LNL 3300, is available with Stebilex Systems for delivery anywhere in the Middle East and North Africa. The Access Series is a family of controllers for the OnGuard System. The Access Series focuses on supporting access control functions of OnGuard.

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