Jieshun Swing Gates JSTZ3912

Simple and Elegant Design for Multi-scene Use


The Jieshun Swing Gates JSTZ 3912 are an entrance control system comprising two swing gates that work together. They are specifically designed to offer secure access control to restricted areas and are suitable for use in various environments.





Third-Generation Grating Detection



Advanced Circuit Design and Electronic Control



Versatile Design for Multiple Scenarios



Unwavering Product Reliability

What are Jieshun Swing Gates JSTZ 3912?

Jieshun Swing Gates JSTZ 3912 is a type of entrance control system that consists of two swing gates that operate in tandem. The gates are designed to provide secure access control to restricted areas and can be used in a variety of settings, including office buildings, government facilities, and public transportation hubs. The gates are made with high-quality materials, such as tempered glass and high-strength carbon steel, and feature advanced electronic control systems to ensure accurate and reliable operation. They also include various safety features, such as short circuit and overload protection, and can be customized to accommodate different passage widths.

Distinctive Traits

The item utilizes durable tempered glass and robust carbon steel, coated with unique baked paint, resulting in a sophisticated and fashionable look. Adding a two-colour dynamic indicator elevates the user’s experience when walking past.

The P-type breathing light design is incorporated to display the boom gate’s operational status, improving the passing experience by providing clear visibility.

Customers can customise the product’s passage width to any size between 600mm and 1200mm, and combine different widths as needed. Additionally, the item has IPX4 protection, which means it is waterproof and resistant to moisture, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The product is designed to last for a minimum of 15 million cycles of opening and closing. It features an integrated brushless DC motor and an industrial-grade planetary reducer that ensure consistent and stable operation while keeping the noise level below 65 decibels.

The product’s short circuit and overload protection capabilities are outstanding. Additionally, the item features a proprietary variable speed transmission mechanism that ensures precise control over the gate’s movement position, resulting in more accurate and stable gate movement.

The digital control technology used in JSDZ0206B guarantees safe operation at all times. Additionally, the powerful motor ensures longevity, with a minimum lifespan of 3 million operations.

The product has a concealed optical grating design that enhances its appearance. It features 64 pairs of detection points that can accurately and sensitively detect high-speed moving objects, ensuring safety. The detection points also allow for accurate detection of pedestrian status, which helps to prevent illegal intrusions.


  • ≤20 persons/min (normally closed mode)
  • ≤30 persons/min (normally open mode)
  • ≤50 persons/min (high traffic mode)

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