The Morpho IDENTIX is a world-class document authentication solution from IDEMIA. IDEMIA being the leading brand in the biometric verification industry has multiple revolutionary products to which the Morpho IDENTIX is an amazing addition. The document authentication solution Morpho IDENTIX rapidly reads documents and detects document forgery easily. It solves a major challenge of verifying identity documents quickly on the go which is highly beneficial for border control applications.

The Morpho IDENTIX solution comprises of the latest software and document scanning devices which are best suited to verify passports, national ID cards, visas, immigration cards, and driving licenses. Being one of the best document authentication solution the IDEMIA Morpho IDENTIX analyzes and verifies the documents in a few seconds. As a completely automatic, accurate and reliable document authentication solution Morpho IDENTIX is able to easily verify a large number of international ID and travel documents.

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