Dormakaba ED 100/ED 250 Swing Door Operator

ED 100/ED 250 Swing Door Operator by Dormakaba is a modular swing door gadget that can be used to add extra sturdiness and safety to doors. The operator is suitable for use at multiple locations such as emergency exits, escape routes, fire and smoke check doors, wind protection doors etc.


Say goodbye to weather induced problems on the door’s operating behavior with this remarkable automatic swing door operator that is reliable in all weather conditions.


Enhance your safety in stormy and emergency situations with the sturdy ED100/250 Swing Door Operator that acts as your protection shield against all forces.


Get a personalized solution for your safety issues that has flexible configuration, reliability, suitability and elegant design.


Install this automatic swing door operator by Dormakaba and stay safe forever.

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What is ED 100/ED 250

Swing Door Operator by Dormakaba?

ED 100/ED 250 Swing Door Operator by Dormakaba is a modular swing door gadget that can be used to add extra sturdiness and safety to doors. The ED100 and ED250 swing door operators excel in daily operations with clever functions that may adapt to consumer habits and typical alterations within the ambiance of the door with knowledgeable operators in a variety of functions and a versatile design.

The Modular System

In order to understand the working of the door, following things

need to be understood. The modular system comes with the following parts:

Where can ED 100/ED 250 Swing Door Operator by

Dormakaba be installed?

For accessible entrances


Cam technology present in this automatic swing door operator by Dormakaba provides smooth and effortless access with an added upgradation available via Power-assist Function. The opening forces meet the requirements of DIN 18040, DIN Spec 1104, CEN/TR 15894, BS 8300/2100 and document “M”.


Users can also easily open the door via push-button. Not only this, the door operator automatically adjusts itself as per the force requirement as exerted differently by the users.

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For fast operation


The door intelligently operates via motion detectors. In case of high speed requirement, the Full-energy upgrade card is activated. In interior spaces, the IDC Initial Drive Control dynamically adjusts the force parameters to prevailing weather conditions.


Further, the automatic swing door operator has a striking mix of speed and low energy consumption. It covers the 24*7 operation requirement and is budget friendly and environmental friendly too. Not only this, it has a functional flexibility with a professional upgrade card wherein you only consume as much energy as you actually need.

For fire doors


Safety and sturdiness of an automatic door system are of utmost importance. Dormakaba has got you covered when it comes to this. With a reliable system where every component has an individual role to play, the operator runs smoothly. The system will sustain the door during its closing cycle because of its wind load function.


The operator detects and corrects wind loads up to the permissible force limit of 150 N when the automatic mode is set. The electrical latching action also aids in the door latching shut. In the event of an alarm, the operators are also well prepared. Operators are perfect for use in emergency exits and escape routes if a hold-open device with the Fire Protection upgrade card is used or as part of the building management system. The operator is a combination of functionality and design which is easily operable and maintenance free.

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For controlled access


ED 100/ED 250 Swing Door Operator by Dormakaba protects your privacy with its controlled security system. Dormakaba motor locks can be directly connected to the DCW interface using the DCW upgrade card. Almost automated parametrization assures safe functioning while only a few cables need to be connected for dormakaba motor locks’ simple Plug&Play installation. The wind load feature also helps the door system’s dependable closing behavior.


In the case of a malfunction, the system notifies the building’s security systems of the state of the door system so that the security personnel can react appropriately to the current circumstances. Further, wireless door management also facilitates reliable access control for numerous rooms. This is aided by the BRC radio System linked to the door operator. Dormakaba provides 4-channel BRC H hand-held transmitters, flat BRC W wireless wall transmitters, and a built-in wireless transmitter for integration with push buttons from other vendors.

Why you should choose ED 100/ED 250

Swing Door Operator by Dormakaba


Customizable configuration



Sophisticated design

Noise -free

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