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Solutions with automation at the core

Stebilex Systems supplies smart operators for gate operations and parking entry/exit management and payment from leading manufacturers in Oman for vehicle detection systems, automated pay stations, parking management softwares, and much more. Our high-performance gate operators are capable of moving large gates. The smart parking solutions, from HUB Parking Technology, offer convenience to traverse for users and help create easy reports and data analysis for parking operators.


We provide gate operators from RIB, which are suitable for varied applications from small residential installations ranging from gates, shutters and up-and-over doors, to industrial applications at ports, warehouses and factories. The leading brands offered by us in Oman include HUB Parking Technology, RIB, and Nedap.

Most of our products offer access control for unauthorised vehicles, vehicle detection systems using UHF reading, or remote control operation for large gates.

Enhance your vehicles entry management and parking operations with Products from Stebilex

Parking Management Systems

Our parking management solutions from HUB, a FAAC company, provides simple and efficient management of parking areas for operators and convenience to users. The Integrated technologies offer seamless access control from entry till exit, with an ensemble of solutions that include barrier gates, payment terminals, ticket printers and validation to the JPass smart app that enables drivers to pre-book parking space, pay digitally, and spot vacant parking spaces. Ideal for malls, airports, transport, and commercial centres parking management from HUB are cost-effective and intelligent; we supply products and solutions for parking management everywhere in Oman.

Access and Exit Control Systems
Automated Pay Stations
Parking Ticket Validators & Encoding Stations
Fee Computers
Parking management Softwares

Vehicle Identification

Stebilex supplies vehicle identification solutions from Nedap that feature ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology to identify and allow access to authorised vehicles from as far as 10m distance. Our vehicle identification solutions are ideal for ports and large facilities for automated opening/closing rolling stocks and for staff vehicle access control.

They are widely used at parking facilities and gated communities, taxi dispatch systems, and monitoring at mining and industrial sites, as well as to identify buses and trucks at long range.

Vehicle identification readers
UHF tags

Gate Automation

Our gate automation solutions are designed to provide the highest standard of safety for end-users. They are equally easy to install, making them one of the solutions preferred by installers. Most of our products are from industry leaders like RIB. These products are manufactured and tested for best performance, longest durability, energy efficiency and above all for ease of use.

Our gate automation product range in the middle east include operators for swing/sliding gates, garage doors and shutters.

Sliding/swing gate automation
Shutter automation
Garage door automation
HUB Parking Technology
  • Seamless and versatile parking solutions
  • Tailored turnkey solutions to meet your needs
  • AI-powered smart & contactless parking
RIB is an Italian manufacturer of automatic entry systems
  • Italian manufactured complies with European Norms
  • DNV ISO9001 certification for the manufacturing process
  • Most products offer extendable warranty
Nedap logo
  • Cost-efficient passive RFID solutions
  • Long read-range for vehicle identification
  • Highest performance in all weather conditions


Our solutions for parking management and gate automation are ideal for a wide range of applications






Shopping centers


Government facilities


Universities and Colleges

Sports and Exhibition venues


Mining facilities

Buy parking management solutions for smart parking management from Stebilex in Oman

Access and Exit Control Systems

Our exit and entry stations are ideal for off-street parking lots and allow integration with payment systems and gate barriers. Our parking entry/exit stations from HUB offer online operation, read/write magnetic or barcode tickets. We supply HUB Parking Technologies solutions in Oman, and all across the middle east and offer the best prices for our customers.

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Automated Pay Stations

Stebilex supplies smart pay-on-foot and pay-in-lane parking payment and ticket stations ideal for airports, sports arenas, and malls etc. Automatic pay station allows payment for parking tickets using coins, bills/ banknotes, bank or credit cards & prepaid value cards. We supply HUB’s leading parking pay stations and software in Oman. Talk to our team to know more about the right fit for your organisation.

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Parking Ticket Validators & Encoding Stations

Parking ticket validator and encoding station allow us to validate and issue tickets and offer discounts and offers and is an excellent solution for supermarkets, malls, cinemas etc.

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Fee Computers

Ideal for central cashier payment operations the fee computers are usually used at Pay-at-Exit applications at manned parking barrier. Our fee computer solutions from ZEAG and FAAC brand by HUB offer the capability for shift and management reports, setting up discounts, and parking rate set up. They can also be used as a sales terminal.

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Parking Management Softwares

Stebilex Systems supplies smart software and mobile solutions developed by HUB Parking Technology. They are cloud-ready and mobile-enabled solutions that make parking management and usage convenient. Our parking management softwares help you to reduce operating cost and require limited to no training for the staff.

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Buy vehicle identification readers, UHF tags in Oman

Vehicle identification readers

Vehicle identification systems come as a combination of readers and tags to identify vehicles and drivers to control access to parking. They are widely used at parking facilities and gated communities, taxi dispatch systems, and monitoring at mining and industrial sites, as well as to identify buses and trucks at long range.

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UHF tags

UHF tags for vehicles offer identification at long-range and are cost effective cost-effective solutions for parking applications. We supply UHF access control solutions from Nedap in Oman at great prices and offer quick delivery.

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Automate your gates and henry systems with powerful and secure operators from stebilex

Sliding/swing gate automation

Our solutions for both swing gates and sliding gates are designed for frequent use and durability. The operators provided by us are suitable for both residential and industrial use. For example the SUPER 6000 by RIB for sliding gates operates gates weighing up to 6 tonnes. Our gate operators come with varied capacities, contact us to find more about available solutions.

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Shutter automation

Our automation systems for shutters from RIB focus on safety and convenience while installing. They come with rotating pulleys strong enough to operate gates over 200 kg and 24 sqm.

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Garage door automation

Our garage door operators for both sliding and rolling shutters and up-and-over doors offer silent operation and come in a variety of materials options. Additional features of these operators include anti-crushing and anti-theft locking. The operator is ideal for residential compounds.

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Smart parking solutions to detect parking occupancy and guide vehicles

Generate instant reports and issue/validate tickets at parking automatically

Efficient ISO and European standard gate operators for securing facilities

  • KING EVO is capable of operating a 4m long gate leaf weighing 400kg and offers 150 cycles a day
  • The RIB KING EVO comes in three versions – a standard version KING EVO, KING EVO ICE
  • KING EVO is ideal for use with gates that need heavy-duty operations and has frequent opening/closing cycles
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  • The SUPER 2200 is a heavy-duty sliding gate automation system made of cast iron
  • Ideal for industrial use, the motor has the capacity to operate gates weighing up to 4000 kg
  • It comes with a built-in heating system with ACG4665 to withstand -30°C
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  • The JOLLY ONE operators come with one or two electric motors enabling it to operate gates with 280 to 450 kg in weight
  • JOLLY BIG has eight steel bearings on which the pulley operates on and is able to handle large shutters of up to 30 sqm dimensions
  • JOLLY ONE features new automatic limit switches that are easily adjustable and easy to install
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  • JunglePass or JPASS is a smart mobile app that allows in-app payment, smart ticketing, and advanced booking etc
  • The park finder and embedded Geo-Location in the JPASS app enables guided parking
  • The operators can track customer data, manage pricing/offers, manage subscriptions, and create financial reports with JPass
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  • The Pay-In-Lane station from HUB accepts both cards and cash payment and issues parking tickets
  • Comes with responsive 10.4in touchscreen and reader for magnetic stripes, barcode tickets, and printed tickets
  • It can be integrated with intercom systems, loudspeakers, door open sensors and other multi-point access control security
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  • The FAAC ParQube 620 Hydraulic Barrier is suitable for vehicular access control in heavy traffic facilities
  • Used by the Italian motorway network, the barrier offers silent operation at all times and has an electro-hydraulic motor
  • Features barrier arm length of 3.3m, fast opening/closing at 90-degree time of 2 seconds and offers an average of 2 million cycles
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  • Powered by passive Ultra high frequency (UHF), UPass Access identifies people from 2m distance
  • Some of the conventional card types supported by the uPASS Access include HID Prox, HID iClass, EM, MIFARE and LEGIC etc
  • uPASS Access is an ideal solution for hospitals, office buildings, gated communities, care homes and universities
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  • uPASS identifies both vehicles and drivers at long-range using a passive UHF RFID reader
  • It offers excellent read-range of up to 5m making it an ideal solution for parking access control
  • The uPASS Reach’s antenna is housed in the compact IP65 certified housing
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  • Based on passive 900MHz UHF technology, Nedap UHF Windshield Tag can be identified at 10m and 5m distance
  • Nedap’s uPASS UHF Windshield Tag operates without a battery
  • It also allows the tag ID number to be converted into Barcode 39 format, which can be read by a barcode scanner
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What is an automated entry/exit parking system?

Automated entry/exit systems for car parks allows seamless access to parking lots using proximity access control systems, payment-in-lane for drivers convenience. They allow you to maximise the parking efficiency, reduce operating cost and require limited to no training for the staff.

What is the difference between sliding and swing gates?

Sliding gates and swing gates operators are the way the wheels are installed sliding gates are installed on rails with on the floor to open by sliding to sides, while the swinging gates are pushed open to the front.

Where can I buy HUB Parking systems in the Oman?

You can buy HUB Parking Management products in the region from Stebilex Systems. We also supply gate automation systems from RIB and vehicle identification systems from Nedap. we deliver to anywhere in Oman through our local offices in Dubai.

What are the brands offered by Stebilex?

HUB Parking Technology, RIB, and Nedap

How about the guarantee and after sale service?

Most of the products we supply come with manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for the delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you same day response to your request and quickest delivery there after.