Setting up a server rack is a major process that requires several factors to be considered beforehand as it affects the operational costs and security of the enterprise. Here we at Stebilex have created the complete guide on how to choose a server rack. It is highly essential to understand the factors such as rack cooling, latest technologies, rack size, customizability etc in order to efficiently buy a server rack and set up your data centre.

Tips On How To Choose A Server Rack

Know the strategy of server rack cooling

With the heat produced by the present denser technologies like as Blade Servers, being aware of the role, which server racks play in the data center cooling strategy is important. The rack-type chose entirely depends on the methods of cooling used in the environment. The baseline kW of heat output widely varies per rack, on the basis of the density of equipment and the type and can be anywhere starting from 4kW to 12kW or more than that per rack with some of the experts are making an estimate that the increase of designs and high-density environments for the future equipment can lead to the output of 30-50 kW per rack.

Types of Server Rack Cooling Systems
  • Liquid cooling

As the server densities and power-intensive applications have increased, more and more liquid cooling units are being used. One of the major benefits of using this system is that it leads to no or just a little impact on the present HVAC system. These units are mainly mounted at the rack base in the rack “sidecar” with three cooling modules in every equipment rack and therefore it can offer the overall cooling capacity of 30kw.

  • Rack Air Conditioning

Rack air conditioners are commonly not used in the conventional environments of the data center, which include enough CRAC systems. But in case IT equipment is placed outside a controlled data environment like as factory or warehouse, the rack air conditioners are used sometimes. But it is necessary to consider that the rack air conditioners are mostly designed to use in both large and industrial spaces as these generate noise or condensation and these also exhaust hot air into the room where the enclosure is placed. The heat would dissipate in a spacious room. On the other hand, the hot exhausted air from the AC in a confined space or in a smaller room can cause the place to overheat. In case this unit is used in a small space, proper measures need to be applied for exhausting the hot air from the room. The air conditioner models often differ in the total amount of cooling output provided. Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose one according to their needs.

Formulas to make an estimate of the heat load of the rack and choose the right sized air conditioner:
  • Sum up the wattage of each device and therefore convert that to BTUs.
  • In case of using a rack conditioner, it is important to count on that around 3,400 BTU is produced for every 1Kw consumption. Air conditioners are mainly rated for various BTU levels. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a unit, which will offer proper cooling for the probable BTUs generated.
  • Fully-sealed server racks
  • Fully perforated server racks

Count on the most updated technologies

The PDUs or the Power Distribution Units disperse power to the servers evenly over the entire power strip. The rack mount power strips are made specifically for the server racks and these are either vertically mounted or are mounted behind the mounting posts in the back part of the cabinets. The power strips are mainly of two types: intelligent and standard.

The intelligent power strips offer remote power control that allows the administrators to perform a cold reboot of devices and servers and troubleshoot issues from any location with the help of an internet connection. This thing decreases server downtime and quickly gets back important business functions online. On the other hand, the standard power strips come with some features that offer valuable details like present output displays and fuse replacement indicators. But these are managed on-site and in-person.

Choose the right-sized rack

Choose the server rack with adequate internal space to house your present equipment as well as to make sure that you have enough space for all the unplanned equipment purchases as well as the planned future expansions.

Physical security begins here

The right level of security is highly important to ensure the total function of the business as well as for its complete well-being. At the same time, it is also necessary to learn how the server rack fits into the complete security strategy of a company. There are actually a number of measures that can be followed to improve the rack security and the equipment in the data centre. To start with, you can purchase server racks with rear doors and locking front. Therefore, use some environmental monitoring devices to monitor the racks in a proactive manner.

Customize the rack design as per your needs

The majority of the manufacturers allow choosing from different options. This thing ensures that your server rack meets the particular requirements of your business. There are some common areas where you will be able to choose your options. These include:

  • Side and top panels
  • Shelving
  • Feet
  • Mounting rails

Follow this short guide when choosing a server rack and let us know if you have any suggestions.

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