Cart might not be the top community on your mind when it comes to growing your professional network, but it can be one of the most valuable platforms in bringing together people that share a common interest, in the real world. Perhaps, it can help you learn new skills and grow professionally.

There is a surprising number of organisations and professionals, who are yet to understand the potential of being a part of professional communities outside their work environment. These communities can have a real impact on your career success, and Meetup is a great way to connect to professionals in your industry and to open up opportunities for collaboration, learning and growth.

Some of the largest Meetup groups have evolved from just a small group of individuals to a community that lead change in the tech sector. One such example is New York Tech Meetup, which is one of the largest Meetup group in the world and has over 39,000 members. It has grown to become a non-profit organisation and works on helping build sustainable and technology ecosystem. Regionally these groups are finding enough traction, and groups are growing each day – StartupBlink Dubai Meetup group has close to 2000 members.

Access Control Systems Professionals Meetup group in Middle East

How to get the most from your Meetup group

However, it is very important to make sure the group you are to join is right for you and resonates what you are looking for from your peers. Joining a group and proving your expertise will be a time investment, so give it sometime, be part of conversations that matter and gain from networking. The more you give to the Meetup, the more you’ll get out of it, it can become a community you can trust, and benefit from.

The number of niche groups on Meetup where people from various specialised sectors like coding, robotics, forex trading, cybersecurity and much more are growing each day. These groups usually work as a forum to discuss issues and help each other, as well as put you in touch with people who can mentor you, and help you resolve any doubts you would have.

Benefits of joining a Meetup group

  • Learning – Becoming a member of any professional group requires some topical interest from you. Imagine listening to and presenting every month on a different topic or trends in the industry, this allows you to learn and understand practices inside and out.
  • Brand building – If you are a company or have the level of expertise to become a thought leader, signing up as the featured speaker or organising relevant events can get you instant credibility. Additionally, these meetups can also serve as a test market for your products or services.
  • Networking – Meetup groups can provide networking opportunities that eventually might help you in getting that dream job or starting up your own firm. These groups might also help in growing your business

One more reason to join

Access Control Systems Professionals Group on is one group you need to check out today. It is a great platform for Access control system integrators, solution providers and product distributors, as well as users, to network. The group’s activities include learning opportunities from vendors/suppliers/system integrators and industry experts through case studies, product webinars, training, and networking events.

Join the Meetup group, let’s create more momentum for our industry here in the Middle East.

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