Fast, Powerful & Reliable Garage Door Automation Solutions

Open and close garage automatically with our intelligent and powerful garage door automation motors & systems. Built to add more comfort and security to your facility, our products make automation simple & easier for everyone.

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Introducing the Most Secure & Fast Motors for Seamless Garage Door Automation

Remove the hassle of manually open and closing the garage door with our unique & redefining door operators. They make door automation super fast and smooth all at the convenience of a click.

Right from residential, commercial to industrial facility, our door motors are compatible with all types of garage doors and capable of operating them efficiently.

Equipped with durable internal components and modern features, our door operators deliver high work cycle and can work in a wide range of challenging environment.

All the garage door operators and automation systems are brought to you by Stebilex Systems. We are the premium distributor of international brands that make the world’s best garage door motors/operators for intensive as well as extensive use.

Premium Operators That Make Garage Door Automation Fast & Convenient

Gate Motors for Domestic Garage Doors

Drive straight into the garage, safely and quickly with our domestic garage door operators. Designed for residential use, they offer quiet operation without any manual intervention and effort.

  • Easy to install
  • Can easily be controlled from a smartphone app and remote control
  • Modern design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Compatible with all kinds of domestic garage doors

Gate Motors for Industrial Garage Doors

Now introduce fast, reliable and noise-free garage door automation in your big facility with our powerful door operators. Backed by high-end security features, they are perfect for automating large, heavy-duty doors easily.

  • Compatible with all types of industrial sliding gates
  • Offers fast and quiet operation
  • Features modern, sleek design
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Easy to install and simple to use

Different Types of Garage Door Operators


Door Operators for Sectional Garage Doors

These types of door motors are perfect for automating garages with sectional doors. They are energy-efficient, offer silent operation and don’t require track or rack for installation

Nice Spinbus Gear MotorNice Spykit 800 BD Garage Door Motor

Door Operators for Up-and-Over Garage Doors

Up-and-over doors are suspended independently from the frame and available in a wide range of look and styles. We use a special type of door operator for automating these doors.

RIB Up-and-Over Garage Doors Motor MotorNice Tenkit Garage Doors Motor

Door Operators for Balanced Rolling Doors

This type of door motor is ideal for automating garages with balanced rolling doors. They operate the doors in an up and down fashion and are convenient to install and use.

Nice Rondo Gear MotorNice Giro Gear Motor

Key Features

Safe Operation Ensured with Obstacle Detection Technology

All our garage door operators come with obstacle detection technology. It stops the door operation when a person or object accidentally gets in the way.

Available with Extra Battery Backup

Extra battery backup powers the garage door operators during uncertain circumstances like a power outage, blackout or failure. So no authorized user can plan to enter your facility and take advantage of the event.

Easy to Install & Convenient to Use

Our door operators don’t demand complex construction and are convenient to install on all types of garage doors. Plus all are easy to use and don’t require unwiring for regular maintenance.

Personalize Door Automation According to Your Needs

Forget the hassle and hard work of configuring your garage door again and again. With our operators, you can flexibly schedule and decide door automations according to your daily routine.

Our Brand Partners


FAAC Garage Gate Operators

FAAC is a world-class brand in the security & gate automation space. it is recognized for its quality, safety, research and development and pioneer in building remarkable garage door operators.

Explore Garage Gate Operators from FAAC


Nice Garage Gate Operators

With the aim to improve quality of life by simplifying everyday movements, Nice builds redefining and innovative automation solutions. All of its garage door operators showcase the finest design and simplest integration with other products.

Explore Garage Gate Operators from Nice


Centurion Garage Gate Operators

Centurion manufactures a wide range of diverse and award-winning gate automation solutions. Its garage door operators are popular for remarkable build-quality, great design and intelligent security features.

Explore Garage Gate Operators from Centurion


RIB Garage Gate Operators

A leading brand locally and internationally the company holds an ISO9001 certification from 1995 and multiple patents for some of the world’s most powerful and high-performing gate operators.

Explore Garage Gate Operators from RIB

  • Easy to install, program, and use
  • Offers optimized logistics
  • Functional & stylish motor
  • Cost-effective
  • IP40 in-class protection
Know MoreData Sheet
  • Easy to install
  • Offers a speed of 1.7 rpm
  • IP20 protection rating
  • Compact design
  • Remarkable build quality
Know MoreData Sheet
  • Operates doors of 70 to 100 kg and 3.2m height
  • Operator for both sectional and up-and-over garage doors
  • Operator with built in control panel and radio receiver
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RIB Operator for Up-and-Over Garage Doors - BOSS
  • Operates doors of 70 to 100 kg and 3.2m height
  • Operator for both sectional and up-and-over garage doors
  • Operator with built in control panel and radio receiver
Know MoreData Sheet
RIB Operator for Sectional and Up-and-Over Garage Doors - CUBE


Our powerful door motors are capable of automating all types of garage doors efficiently in a wide range of applications.


Residential Facilities


Private Parking Zones

garage shops

Commercial Shops


Industrial Facilities


Government Institutions

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RIB Garage Gate Operators Products

  • RIB Operator for Sectional and Up-and-Over Garage Doors Motor – CUBE (Irreversible operator, gate size 12 sqm)

  • RIB Operator for Up-and-Over Garage Doors Motor – BOSS (Irreversible, Balanced with weights, Max 12sqm doors)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a garage door operator?

A garage door operator is a device used in automating different types of garage doors. It comes with a powerful motor, magnetic encoder, and intelligent control unit. All work together to open and close the garage door after receiving a signal from the transmitter.

What is the difference between garage door, swing gate, and sliding gate operators?

Swing gate operators are built exclusively for opening and closing swing gates after receiving the signal from the user. On the other side, sliding gate operators can only automate sliding gates. And garage door operators are capable of operating and automating garage doors.

What are the different types of garage doors?

Sectional doors, Up-and-over doors, and Balanced Rolling Doors. There are also miscellaneous garage doors that are a combination of one or two types of garage doors.

How about the guarantee and after-sale service?

All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you a same-day response to your request and the quickest delivery thereafter.