The term access control is highly familiar to most of the b2b organizations today due to its immense benefits and a high number of applications worldwide. Access Control technology has advanced far from the ancient castles gates and armed guards which were the primitive form of access control towards IoT, Biometrics, Mobile Credentials etc today. Access control system trends are on a proportionate increase with the rise of modern technologies such as IoT and the growth of smartphone technology, Artificial intelligence etc.

Deciphering the Access Control System Trends for 2019

The last decade has led to an unseen evolutionary growth of technological devices, services and solutions since early mankind. These remarkable inventions and innovations have also revolutionized the security sector improving its capabilities to a huge extent. Access control is the most commonly adopted electronic physical security solution worldwide is has reached a pinnacle in technology while still evolving. Let’s take a look at Access control system trends for 2019.

1. Increased usage of Mobile credentials:

With above 2 billion smartphone users, it is arguably evident that at least 99% of the users in a metropolis, passing through an access control system shall be likely to possess a smartphone. While there are security fobs or access cards given as credentials, the application of mobile credentials are much more convenient and cost-effective for any business. Mobile credentials provided through Bluetooth or Near field communication (NFC) is widely adopted today and are replacing access card and security fobs.

2. Improved Adoption of Cloud-Based Access Control systems:

Most of the largest Access control systems providers have initiated providing cloud-based solutions due to the high demand for it. This is due to the fact that cloud-based access control systems are much inexpensive, is much more flexible in terms of user convenience, they are easier to be deployed and offers better productivity benefits when compared to conventional access control systems. The percentage adoption of cloud-based access control system will multiply as the cloud authentication and credential management further integrates IoT digital certificates, mobile credentials, access cards, tokens etc.

3. Higher Number Of Devices Connected to IoT:

Internet of things aka IoT is one of the most advanced technology as of today. Most of the biggest players in the access control industry are investing high amounts in perfecting IoT integration to access control systems. While multiple brands have already found success in access control systems with IoT technology, as IoT is relevantly still a new technology it has its own negatives such as being prone to hacks, etc. But the application of IoT is on rising in access control systems, with brands like HID Global applying them in their solutions.

4. Improved Adoption of Biometrics:

While biometrics are already in usage with access control systems, the industry is moving in the direction of popularising mobile-based biometric solutions with regards to access control systems. As the smartphone industry has raised the standards of smartphones in production allowing even the lower end smartphones to possess a form of biometric verification option, this evolution in the industry standard of smartphones directly reflects access control and biometric verification industry as the big names in Access security such as HID Global, Honeywell, etc are focusing on applying mobile-based biometric solutions for access control. This opens up the possibility of readerless access control systems where the only point of authentication is an individual’s smartphone.

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